Day Three


I can’t listen to my MP3 this morning as my flatmate is at home. I will have to find a time on my own for about 25 minutes of me time. I have two MP3, one telling me what to eat and one telling me to see my future self. I remembered the future me throughout the day but the one telling me what to eat I forgot and didn’t eat very well yesterday. I had my porridge in the morning and then some crackers and cheese and a cup a soup. For my evening meal I had cheese rolls things (like sausage rolls but with cheese and onions inside) and a Danish pastery. Like I said not very good.Shopping for the week

I went shopping yesterday and spent £65 on shopping and I bought real food along with some foods that will do me no good on a diet. On the way home I started a bag of Jelly Babies. This time however I only had a few, two weeks ago I would have had the entire bag.  

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