End of Week One


The week went well I think. I listened to the weight loss hypnotherapy MP3 3/4 times. There were two versions and the second version did nothing for me. I fact, it made me eat more, as I kept thinking about food and the inevitable I will start tomorrow. The other MP3 had a vision of me now and made me look at myself when I finished losing weight. I found a more powerful.
I didn’t really count calories or or follow any other kind of diet plan, but What I did do, was be careful about what I eat. My opinion is, if I change my eating habits totally I will never stick to the change once I have reached my goal weight.  I need to incorporate what I’m eating into a healthy eating plan. So there may be a few changes but not too many that I think I’m going to deprive myself. A Diet has to fit in with my lifestyle and the way I want to live now and in the future.
This week, week one I’ve lost half a kilo which is about a pound. My experience of other diets is that you can lose 3 to 4 pounds in the first week. So am I pleased? I’m not sure, I haven’t really change my eating habits! I also had a birthday so had cake ice cream and a few other things. So maybe all things considered, I should be pleased with in 1 lb weight loss.

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