My Thin Ankles turned in to Fat Ankles – When!!!


I was watching TV last night and am lucky enough to have a stool to put my feet on. While watching, I happened to look down at my ankles and noticed that it looks as if I am getting a little ankle tyre. How did this happen? My ankles have always been the thinnest part of me and now they are giving up and joining the other side.


Fat Ankles have just appeared
Where are my thin ankles

I wouldn’t mind so much, but I liked my ankles.  Thin ankles looked fresh, petite and looked really good. There are now little rolls of fat that have just appeared are not very nice.  For one, I would like to know where they came from and when.  The last time I looked they were perfectly fine. Nice petite ankles and when you touched them you could feel bone. Real actual bone, now you can’t do that on any other part of my body. My poor little ankles.


A plea to my new Fat Ankles

I have but one plea, please little thin ankles come back to me.  I miss you, I don’t want to have fat ankles. You gave me support when no one else would. You have been with me through thick and thin.


Do you remember when our calfs became so big we couldn’t fit into long boots?  We were on holiday in Mallorca.  There were some beautiful leather boots and they were on sale. There was money in our pocket that had to be spent. Do you remember thin ankles?  We asked the assistant for some help and she was incredibly snooty. Looking down upon us as if we were trash. However, we had the money and were going to purchase the beautiful boots. Do you remember though, we couldn’t get them past the calf. We were very sad and slinked out of the shop and hoped that no one knew why. We told them the quality of the leather was poor. Do you remember?


So what did we do? We settled, we settled for ankle boots and they did us fine for a while. As a result of not having any long boots, we had to change our wardrobe as skirts would no longer work for us. We moved to trousers all the time.


Now, you have gone the way of our calfs.


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