Being inspired or finding something that is inspirational is very important in life. I know that sometimes I can hear a phrase, a song lyric or a word that has some relevance to me at that moment in time.


My favourite saying is ‘If you don’t give your heart wings, you’ll never fly’. These words are from a song lyric from the film Footloose.


I know that Mr Kevin Bacon didn’t do all the dance moves, but the song, music and lyrics mean something to me.  It tells me that if you believe in yourself and your dream are big, then you can achieve anything you wish.


I personally believe that inspiration gives you the courage to follow your dreams and realise your goals.  Once you understand how to achieve your dreams and goals then you will have the life you deserve. This doesn’t mean that following your goals and dreams won’t be hard work, it will be. Staying focused can be difficult when ‘live’ gets in the way. By the same token, this doesn’t mean there won’t be setbacks. However, you will need to find a way around those setbacks or obstacles. Understanding that anything worthwhile is worth fighting for.


Dreams need to be inspired by your imagination
Goals come from your dreams
Goals help to create a fulfilled life


Some people have dream boards, others have lyrics pinned to the fridge and some people

Inspired Mood board
Inspired Moodboard

have mantras. Whatever method you ultimately decide to use to keep you inspired is perfect for you.


Personally, I have used all the above methods and prefer a combination of all three.  My mood board shows the inspiration of a life I want to live in the next 5 years.  I have also written a list of my top 5 goals that I read on a regular basis.  There is nothing worse than having a goal and forgetting to work on it.