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Moon size craters discovered when looking for Ladies Plus Sized Trousers
Image by Jeffrey Ambroziak taken from Google

You know, I’m not really that big. When I say that; I mean that there are larger ladies than me. Some ladies are smaller than me, and somewhere there has to be someone the same size as me. We all come in different shapes and sizes.  I am sure that designers must know this. After all, they have all been to college and been on a design course. They have had to submit garments to pass their exams and to clients. To pass their degree, they must have been made to design clothes for all shapes and sizes that include ladies plus size trousers.


As I said above, I am not the largest lady in the world. I would describe myself as over average size.  However, I am not ten tonne Tessie. On an aeroplane, I can fit in the seats and don’t need to have an extended seat belt, (although the last time I went on a plane I was smaller than I am now, so who knows now). I can take my dog for a walk for over an hour and even go up hills.


Overall, I look after myself. Like many women, I take care of my face by using cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I make sure that all the products I use are organic and PHP free etc. I even do my nails and try and drink some water every day. Admittedly in coffee or tea, but on the odd occasion I even drink it neat.


With the above in mind, I have the need for a new pair of black trousers. I need to tell you now, I hate shopping for clothes. It is one of the worst jobs I have to do. The shops make me feel fat, ugly and ashamed. Nevertheless, I ventured into Marks and Spencers thinking that they must have a pair of trousers that will fit me.


All I wanted was a pair Ladies Plus Size Trousers in black that will go over my thighs, my hips and bottom and look nice. They need to have a nice FIT. On this occasion, I was lucky, in M&S there was one pair of trousers that might fit. Just the one! M&S have a habit of finding one style and creating that style in about 20 different colours. Not for me though, this time they had one colour and one style that might fit.


Ladies Plus Size Trousers Hide A Secret

One of the beauties of buying clothes from a shop is that you can try the garment. Web shopping doesn’t offer that choice. Taking my newly selected, and the only pair of trousers to the changing rooms I wanted to try then on. Women’s changing rooms can be small and badly lit. This room, however, was none of that. Roomy and light, which is probably why I had the shock of my life. I am not sure if you have every had a picture of yourself from behind before without clothes. Oh, my goodness, what a complete and totally shocking horror story that turned out to be. The moon has fewer creators than my poor cellulite bottom. I had no idea what I looked like from behind. I never see it so why should I bother.


Ladies Plus Size Trousers hides deep moon craters
Image from Google search

Getting over the shock of my own moon sized craters, I tried on my Ladies Plus Size Trousers, and they looked fantastic. However, whenever I look at food, I keep seeing the image in the dressing room mirror staring back at me.  Do you know how disconcerting it is to see your own rather large bottom looking back at you when you are trying to eat a sausage roll?



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