What does the size of a lady mean? We come in all different packages.  Some of us are tall, short, blond, ginger, brunette. Is the shape of a woman that important? Millions of pounds have been spent creating a diet industry, just to help us.


There are a select few who have told everyone that they love being fat. There are some people who fat ladies and gentlemen sexually attractive. I would like to wish them luck. I really would. They have my blessing (not that they need it, but they have it). However, I am one of the others that hate being fat.


I have been fat, large, roubenesque for the majority of my adult life. Which is very strange to me, as a child I was alway underweight and looked scrawny.  However, along came puberty and bang, one look at a bar of chocolate and it moulded itself to my thighs. A cream cake seems to sit on my hips and I have no idea what I eat to get a bottom the size it is.


The Size of a lady - Does it effect me?

Before anyone starts, yes I have been on a diet. Yes it has worked and like many others, yes the weight came back and loads more. Will I try another diet? I would love to say, N

Size of a lady differs from country to country
The size of a lady is down to her

o I love myself the way I am, but lets be honest. No I don't and yes I will try another diet. I am not sure which one but it will be fascinating and I will love it for a few hours and then think of that cream cake. Don't judge me, you all do it. One day I will find that perfect diet and exercise plan and I know its just around the corner.



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