Standing Up is hard when you’re fat

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Standing up is hard when you’re fat and an adult, but when did this happen to ME? As a child, I remember, I use to run into the living room, slide along the carpet and end up sitting in front of the Television. I would end up sitting the lotus position or with my knees bent in the middle and the bottom part of my legs doubled back upon myself. I never really thought much about it. It was just something I would do to watch television.


Today, I went to a local shop to look at a few videos that were being sold cheaply. As normal, the cheapest videos are on the bottom shelf. Bending down is never a good option, so I ended up sitting on the floor. You can read the video titles easily and the prices. After about 30 minutes, I had selected a number of video’s I wanted to watch. This is where the problem started.


Sitting in the middle of the shop, I found it difficult to stand up. For the first time, I found that I had no strength in my legs to lift my body. Leaning forwards my arms couldn’t support me and buckle under the weight. I couldn’t move. It’s such a strange feeling sitting on the floor thinking, how the hell do I stand up. I also have to make standing up look as natural as possible. Naturally, I couldn’t ask for help, That would be admitting that I had a problem. In addition, someone might have to help lift me. They would then feel how heavy I am. They may have had to pull me up, but the thought of someone heaving me up in the shop was just too much to bear. Luckily there were very few customers in the shop.  I was invisible.


In the end, I put the DVDs on the floor. Shifted my legs and bent my knees behind me and rolled to a kneeling position. So now, I am kneeling on the floor. It’s now lunch time so people are starting to arrive in the shop. From my kneeling point, and looking at the shelf of DVDs my only option was to grabbed hold of the shelf and pull myself to a standing position. Which on the whole would seem a good point to end the story?

Standing Up is hard when you’re fat


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However, I still have a pile of DVDs on the floor. Turning to pick up the DVDs by biggest fear was about to raise its ugly head, my bum. I have a thing about my bottom being too big. I don’t know why, but a big bum is too much. Never the less, no matter how you look at it, when you are bent over, your bum always looks enormous. Putting on a brave face, I picked up my DVDs and went to the cash desk. I purchased 18 movies for £11.50. So standing up is hard when you’re fat, but sometimes a bargain is worth it!

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