The Colour of a Front Door


The Colour of a front door should be a very simple decision. After all, it’s just a door. However, this is a complicated decision when choosing the colour of a front door. The door to a home is a private

The Colour of a Front Door - turns out to be almost the same as the original colour
The Colour of a Front Door – the original colour

emotive issue.  Why so complicated?


  1. Why are you changing the colour
  2. What do you want the colour to say about you and your family
  3. The colour scheme of the other houses in your neighbourhood
  4. Colours of the paint available.
  5. The skill of the painter
  6. Your personality and exuberance
  7. Appeal to passers-by or purchasers

Given these points, there are a few decisions to be made when changing or choosing the colour of a front door. The first is Why. Why alter the colour of a front door.

At the present time, I am preparing my house for sale the colour of my front door has a myriad of functions:

  1. It has to say welcome to my home
  2. Look I am comfortable and attainable
  3. I have that all important curbside appeal that makes you want to come inside and see more.
  4. Tell possible buyers that I am an expensive and luxurious house, yet within your price range
  5. Give the impression that a potential buyer will have a happy and restful environment to live.


The Colour of a Front Door

Under those circumstances, which colour should I choose?  Typically decisions are made quickly and acted upon.  Bang it’s done. However, this decision took a lot longer to make. Why I hear you say?  The long-term effect of the colour really doesn’t mean a great deal to me, as I am moving out. However, I do have to live with it for a few months.

  • Purple represents royalty, nobility, power and ambition and spiritualism but it’s not a good selling colour.
  • Red attracts money and good will, power, determination and passion desire and love
  • Black represents being secretive and with negative connotations
  • Blue is confidence and businesslike, faith, truth and intelligence
  • Green is the colour that represents freshness, safety, fertility and nature
  • White describes light, goodness and innocence
The Colour of a Front Door turns out be be the undercoat colour
The Undercoat – Turned out to be my favourite colour
The Colour of a Front Door turns out to be similar to the original
The Colour of a Front Door turns out to be almost the same as the original colour I had

Given these points, which colour would be the colour of my front door? Well, to be fair, it was a group decision.  I would like to say it’s all mine, but this is just not the case.  During a 20-minute discussion between the shop assistant, a landscape gardener, a regular builder, a weekend DIYer, and an old lady who was just there.  In the end, the colour we decided upon was Diamond Blue 3. The landscape gardener wanted Green, and the Builder and DIYer wanted Blue. Diamond Blue was the compromise that everyone liked. All things considered, I wasn’t really fussed. It wasn’t until I had the finished door that I realised it was almost the same colour it had been originally.




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