Week Two – Day Three


Has Hypnotherapy made a difference so far?

An interesting question, how do you know if something has made a difference when you are still living your life and doing what you have done for the last few weeks or months.  It is true to say, I feel a lot more confident in what I am doing and have started to like myself much more.  I didn’t realise I didn’t like myself. but maybe, I needed to like myself a little more, to make a change in my life.

So looking back at the week or days I have just undertaken, since the hypnotherapy has started (10 days), I have

  1. Painted my Bathroom
  2. Painted my Hall
  3. Taken my dog out for 4 long walks (an hour + each)
  4. Put one load of washing on each morning, by 7.30am
  5. Made the decision to employ a graphic designer for my children’s book – a decision I have been putting off as there was a large cost involved
  6. Finished creating two additional websites that I had been putting off
  7. Started to de-clutter my house
  8. Painted my nails (I only do this when I have relaxed and have the time as it takes over an hour each time and I do my nails when I want to be nice to myself)
  9. Watch one episode of Star Trek The Next Generation
  10. Had breakfast each morning

So the question I have to ask is, would I have done this before I started the Hypnotherapy sessions.  I don’t think I would have painted the bathroom and hall. I take my dog out for walks all the time but only 30 minutes at a time.  I certainly wouldn’t have painted my nails.


  1. Has hypnotherapy made a change in my life so far?  Yes
  2. Would I have made these changes now? No I don’t think so.
  3. Have I lost a large amount of  weight yet? No not yet
  4. Am I enjoying the process? Yes
  5. Have there been any side effects I didn’t think would happen? Yes, liking myself

Liking myself and not understanding the process of me is an interesting one.  I will have a ponder about this and write my feelings on this at a later date.


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