Week Two – Day One

Losing weight with hypnotherapy
Lunch after using weight loss with hypnosis MP3

I still love the MP3 with the vision of me when I have lost all the weight. Today however the current me was trying to break out of the mirror. Not sure what that means but interesting all the same.

I have now created a morning routine that should help with my new organisation of my life and eating habits. Up when the alarm goes off, no snuggling. Shower and then coffee and breakfast. Finished off with an episode of a favourite TV show. Then get dressed and off to work.

Breakfast was coffee, watermelon and a glass of fresh orange juice.

Lunch was as shown above, I also had a cup-a-soup and a cup of tea. The glass is full of water with some fresh lemon. Very refereshing.

For my evenings mean I had fried egg on a slice of bread and butter.

Very nice.

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