Where am I


Where am I on my weight loss journey.  Who bloody knows!

To be honest I stopped listening to the CD, as I wanted to go to sleep and not hear this woman’s voice in my head.  I love falling asleep.  Its one of the only times in the day I get to be on my own without anyone wanting anything from me.  No phones, no questions and no decisions.  It’s the time that I can devote totally to me.  I become the centre of the world

Weight loss to lose weight
Sleeping and Hypnotherapy

for a few minutes and I found the CD intruding into my ‘Me Time’.

On the other hand when I listen to the CD I do remember that I want to lose weight.  I know that it sounds strange to say that I forget that I am on a diet, but I do.  I get on with life and if I find that I am in a rush I just grab the nearest something to eat and carry one.  Its only after you have eaten something that you remember.  Normally it goes like this.

‘I am hungry, I have no time to stop as work is to busy, lets eat this chocolate it will hold me for a few hours and then I will go and get something to eat’.  I eat the chocolate or whatever is available and then ‘Dam I am on a diet.  Sh!t, I will restart tomorrow’.

So two steps forward and three back at the moment.

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