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I hate being fat

I am sure that no one wants to be fat. There are enough medical reasons to put anyone off for life. However, the fact is, some of us are, and we hate it.  Some people are fat and like it that way.  I for one wish them luck and hope they enjoy their life.  Nevertheless, I hate being fat and here is a list of the reasons I hate being fat:

  1. When I walk, the tops of my thighs stick together and rub. Very uncomfortable and sometimes the rub together and bleed. Not nice at all.
  2. Clothes shopping, it is just a nightmare. I am convinced that clothes makers only make clothes for thin people. I am sure they believe that anyone over a size 16 just shouldn't be allowed out of the house let alone wear clothes. Guess what, we are allowed out of the house, and we like to look nice.
  3. I was playing with my dog and had to bend down and pick up a toy, it had rolled under a table, and it was so uncomfortable to get down on the floor and then get up. My weight is just in the way.
  4. To stop snoring, although I do snore in a very lady like way.
  5. I cannot get on the ground and then get up in a dignified way.
  6. Fed up of feeling heavy and out of sorts.
  7. Always worrying about the fit of my clothes "Does this make me look fat".
  8. Feeling tired all the time, even after a good nights sleep.
  9. Stop looking at my larger clothes and thinking, can I get into those tents today.
  10. Having to cover up in the summer. I dream of a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

This list is in no particular order, but the list is growing.


  1. Not having the confidence to wear a swimsuit at the beach or the swimming pool.
  2. Having to buy a track suit instead of a pair of jeans.  Levi – oh those were the days.
  3. Pondering how big a muffin top I can get away with!
  4. Reaching over to clean me after my ablutions
  5. Not being able to tie my shoe laces or putting on socks without heaving my leg up and placing it on my knee.
  6. Looking at a hill and thinking, where’s the car.
  7. Getting rid of the double-boob, although sometimes this is OK as the double-boob is very soft.
  8. I have done it before; I can do it again, one last time.
  9. To stop people looking at me and thinking that I am thick and stupid.
  10. Being accused of being pregnant.
  11. To wear a crisp white cotton shirt that is tucked into a pair of blue jeans.
  12. Nice to walk into a shop and buy off the peg.
  13. To look in a mirror and be happy with the reflection.

The I hate being Fat list will grow

  1. My fingers have grown so much, that I can no longer wear my rings
  2. Turning over in bed means that I have to grab hold of the bedstead to give me that little extra support.

Buying a pair of ladies plus size trousers is hard, especially if most of the shops just don't cater for you or your size. When you do find a pair of ladies plus size trousers to try on, then your troubles really start. I discovered moon sized craters in my dressing room...

Standing up is hard when you’re fat and an adult, but when did this happen to ME? As a child, I remember, I use to run into the living room, slide along the carpet and end up sitting in front of the Television. I would end up sitting the lotus position...

I was watching TV last night and am lucky enough to have a stool to put my feet on. While watching, I happened to look down at my ankles and noticed that it looks as if I am getting a little ankle tyre. How did this happen? My ankles have always been the thinnest part of me...